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300’ x 80’ Abstract Monument*

Fabricated Stainless Steel & Stone

Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk - Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Cantilevered 80’ feet above the water, a graceful 300’ foot arc will span the Big Sioux River in downtown Sioux Falls. Firmly anchored on both banks, the stainless steel arc gradually tapers and has a 15’ synapse between the tips.

The Arc of Dreams represents the journey of everyone's dream. At some point it requires a leap of faith to make it reality. The Arc of Dreams is the hopeful path our dreams take as they enter our consciousness, are defined by our intellect, and are ultimately entrusted to our faith in the future.”

The overall sweep of the sculpture was inspired by a blade of prairie grass. The structure reflects the time-tested growth pattern that allows grass to move with the wind and not fail. These grass-like arcs are then wrapped in a double helix: the carrier of all the genetic ancestry now uniquely expressed in each of us.

"My hope is that this sculpture will inspire future dreamers to face the challenge

and trust in the promise of their own dreams."

- Dale Claude Lamphere

Arc of Dreams was installed in July, 2019.


Design work for the Arc of Dreams began in 2014, with fabrication in 2018 and 2019.

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