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Over his 51-year career Dale Claude Lamphere has completed 60 major public sculptures

from the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington D.C. to the City of Burbank, California.

His work covers the full spectrum from classic figurative sculpture in cast bronze, as represented by the four allegorical works in the South Dakota State Capitol Rotunda, to monumental fabricated stainless steel sculpture involving design, fabrication and structural engineering disciplines. Lamphere has done commissioned portraits of Bob and Dolores Hope, Burl lves, Walter Annenberg, and George and Eleanor McGovern, and other distinguished individuals.


Direct observation of nature has always been the guiding force in Lamphere's work and often results in the biomimicry of structural patterns. In his monumental work there is a clear synergy of art, engineering, and sense of place.


Two of Lamphere's most recent works, Dignity of Earth and Sky, a 50-foot 12-ton monument along the Missouri River in Chamberlain and the 300-foot by 80-foot, 60-ton Arc of Dreams spanning the Big Sioux River are excellent examples of the innovative use of materials and technologies combined with this interdisciplinary approach.


Lamphere was appointed to the South Dakota Arts Council by Governor Mickelson in 1989 and is past President of Arts South Dakota. He has received the Anna Hyatt Huntington award from the Artists Professional League, the South Dakota Governor’s Award in the Arts, the Outstanding Creative Achievement Award from the South Dakota Art Museum, and was inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame in 1987.


He was appointed South Dakota Artist Laureate by Governor Daugaard in 2014, a position that has been vacant since the 1983 death of Oscar Howe who was given the honor in 1954. Lamphere has received honorary doctorates from three universities. He recently received the American Institute of Architects South Dakota Champion of Architecture award for “bringing great public art to the people of South Dakota and beautifully articulating the intersection of art and engineering".


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